Brief Tutorial on Apparel Design  E-mail
Written by Jeff Finley/Go Media Inc.   
This tutorial is for a quick and easy way of doing a 2-3 color shirt design that’s all vector.
Making Starbursts Interesting  E-mail
Written by Craig Watkins   

You'll have to create a starburst at least once in your career...

Here's a way to add a little spice!

Inevitably, a client will want you to deface the killer ad you just designed with a starburst. (And expect you to thank them for coming up with the idea!) As a true professional, you will smile and know just the trick to use to keep you from shaming all of your design teachers....

Drawing Paths & Shapes: Preset Shapes  E-mail
Written by Craig Watkins   

Exploring the drawing tools that make Illustrator so powerful.

Creating a Custom Scatter Brush  E-mail
Written by johnnyjack   
Here's one of my methods for adding texture to illustrations using Illustrator Scatter Brushes.
Expanding Borders  E-mail
Written by Christopher Lands   

expandbordersAlways keep this in mind: When something looks funny, Expand it.

I have never understood why Illustrator offers so many presets for brushes and borders and then when you try to apply them you can not seem to be able to edit them.

It's a simple but often overlooked step for the beginner/intermediate users.

Here's how you do it.

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