Insprirational Gig Poster Designs - Part 2
Written by Craig Watkins   
gigposters.comHere's more poster goodness from!

Be sure to take a moment to click on some of the artist links below the poster images to see some of the most unique and creative artist websites around.

If you're looking for a creative kick in the pants, you've got it!
Insprirational Gig Poster Designs - Part 1  E-mail
Written by Craig Watkins   
gigposters.comIf there is one site on the web I visit almost every day, it's Gigposters is by far my favorite website of them all. For inspiration and for fun. For incredible typography and some of the best visual communication out there.

I'm a music fanatic and I think I first found by doing a Google search on some band. Then I bought a poster I really liked and the rest is history!

Most of the funny stuff I see on the internet comes from Gigposters and believe it or not, on more than one occasion, I have read breaking news on Gigposters before reading it on my Yahoo homepage! You could probably make a case that I spend too much time on the site, and you might be right, but I can never repay, site creator Clay Hayes and the artists who post their work for how much I have learned and been inspired. So thanks!
Inspiration for Business Cards
business card inspirationNeed an idea or some inspiration for business card designs? It's easy to get stuck and force yourself to think "outside the box" (hate that phrase...), especially if you design a lot of business cards, but the coolest business cards are always the ones that make you go, "Man, I wish I would have thought to do that." aren't they?

I happened upon a really neat site today on Twitter that really got my creative juices flowing on business card designs. I even got an idea on my own card for one of my businesses that I've been trying to nail down for, oh, about 5 years now!
Your own stuff is always the hardest isn't it? (Now if I could only get the website I've been working on forever finished.)
Surviving Design School
survive design schoolAnother great "design" article by the folks at Go Media. Good advice for design students. This article was written by Tom Farachi.
16 Tips to Improve as a Graphic Designer
Ran across the article "16 tips to improve as a graphic designer" by Brain Hoff in his blog The Design Cubicle that shares 16 ways to stay on top of your creative game as a working graphic designer.
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