Editing Illustrator Files in InDesign  E-mail
Written by ketrinz   
Need editable Illustrator files when working with Adobe InDesign?
Selecting Objects  E-mail
Written by Craig Watkins   

Here's a brief overview of Illustrator's different Selection Tools and how to use them.

Beautiful Vector Illustration  E-mail
Written by Bill Beachy/Go Media Inc.   
beautifulvector One thing we do regularly at Go Media is create beautiful vector people. Having illustrated hundreds of these, I have worked out a few tips that I would like to share with you. This will make your job much easier.
Make Your Own Clip Art  E-mail
Written by Craig Watkins   
Save yourself some time and money and create your own custom clip art!

Have you ever needed a small graphic to use in a project and you are not able to find exactly what you need?
The Tilde and Multiple Copies  E-mail
Written by rdorr   
One of the coolest toys I had growing up was a spirograph. I was amazed how multiple repeated shapes created such intricate patterns. Along with all the wonderful things that can be done in Illustrator, pressing the TILDE KEY while dragging a shape can provide similar results. Also, by experimenting with the LIVE PAINT BRUSH complicated graphics like the example below are a snap. Follow along as I walk you through the basics of making this exploding star.
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