16 Tips to Improve as a Graphic Designer
Ran across the article "16 tips to improve as a graphic designer" by Brain Hoff in his blog The Design Cubicle that shares 16 ways to stay on top of your creative game as a working graphic designer.

As Brian points out in this article, technology and the ability to communicate and collaborate move so quickly these days that it is a challenge to the graphic designer to keep up. Just keeping up with the technological advances can consume your time if you let it. Things are easier when you are still in school and you're surrounded daily by someone to show you how to work the technology and you have instructors and other students to push you creatively. Your creativity has to be constantly fed with new ideas and concepts or it gets stagnant and you just start phoning it in. This article gives you 16 ways, almost habits, you can employ to constantly feed your creativity when you're away from school and its all up to you!

Definitely useful for online graphic design degree students as much as the self-taught artist.

Great artcle!

Click here for 16 Tips to Improve as a Graphic Designer

Source: The Design Cubicle

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