Craig Watkins

Name: Craig Watkins
Location: Madison, Indiana, USA
Occupation: Graphic Designer - Founder/Owner
Years at Occupation: 10+

Spouse / Children?: Yes! / 2 girls, 2 boys
Pets: 2 dogs - Buckley & Princess
Favorite Food & Drink: Mexican Food & Dr. Pepper
Favorite Color: Blue, Blue and Um... Blue!
Favorite Music: Rockabilly, Rock/Metal, 70's & some "Alt" Country. I really love music, so I listen to a little of just about everything
Other Interests: Music, Sports, Cooking, Reading

Favorite website(s): / /

Craig is the founder, owner and operator of

After getting his professional start in Dallas, Texas, Craig now lives in Madison, Indiana and owns a freelance graphic design company, Tin Star Media. Recent Tracks


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