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Written by Craig Watkins   

Here's how to make a vector file look like you've used a mask in Photoshop.


This tip is based on a project I was working on using masks in Photoshop for a magazine cover. I decided to try the same effect in Illustrator for a logo I was designing.

I have used typography in this example, but you could apply this look to an object as well.

Here we go!

The first thing you will want to do is create some text using the TEXT TOOL.



Now make your type outlines by going to TYPE>CREATE OUTLINES in your menu bar, making the letters into objects.

Note: You will not be able to edit your typography after making outlines, so be sure you have it the way you want it before creating outlines.


Now select your text and drag it down while holding down SHIFT and OPTION(MAC)/ALT(PC) to create a copy of your text that is aligned with the original text. See below: 


The next step is to flip the text using the REFLECT TOOL.

With the bottom copy of your text selected, choose the REFLECT TOOL from your TOOLBAR .

With the REFLECT TOOL as your active tool, hold down SHIFT, click to the left of the text and drag straight down. This will cause the text to flip vertically, giving you this result:

Go back to your SELECTION TOOL, hold down SHIFT and mo ve the bottom text to where it is almost touching the original text, like so:


Fill the text with a gradient by clicking on the gradient swatch in the GRADIENT PALETTE.


In your GRADIENT PALETTE, set the angle to 90 and move the GRADIENT SLIDER (the diamond above the gradient bar) to the right.




Yielding this result:

Finally, click on the black GRADIENT SWATCH and set the black to 50% in your COLOR PALETTE.



The end result should look something like this:


Note: If you have another color other than white for the background, simply substitute the background color for white in the GRADIENT PALETTE. Here's an example using red as the background color:



And there you have it!

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